Comments from our Boarders and Associates


“Cricket is not even the same horse after being here for only three weeks.”  She is much happier and more content.”  “Thank you so much for all your help with her!”
Julie, Moscow

“I love having my horse here.”  “It is wonderful how all the horses are treated with such respect and how much care is given to them.”  “My guy loves the pats from stall cleaners.”
Yulia, Moscow

“Thank you so much for letting us use your arena.”  “Your footing is incredible and we all had a wonderful time”.

Moscow 4-H Club

“Thanks for everything!”  Pancho has been very happy and your facility is safe and well cared for.”  “I like it too!”  I was hoping you would have an opening in August, if Pancho doesn’t sell, I’ll need to bring him back to Moscow for awhile this fall.”  Thanks again.

Caroline, Boise

“We’ll be wanting to bring Lace back again next year so hopefully you’ll hold a spot for us.”  “Lace gets happier every year and she really seems to like your facility.”  “We so much appreciate the good care that you give to her.”

Linda, Bellevue, WA

“Thank you so much for allowing us to have the clinic at your barn”.  “The footing is fantastic!”  “I appreciate your honesty and questions regarding different types of teaching.”

Tish Montgomery
John Lyons Clinician

“Your barn is incredible…you and Mic have done so much work and it really shows…the footing is incredible and the atmosphere the same."
Bill Basham
Local Clinician

“Thank you for affording me the opportunity to bring Pat the Pony to your barn and giving the riders a chance to have a place to ride this past winter.”  “You have a beautiful well cared for facility."
Debbie Duncan
Critter Creek Therapeutic Riding

"Everyone there has been very nice and helpful!  I also particularly like how happy all the horses seem and how they can see and socialize with each other, it certainly makes a difference."

<>I am going to leave on the 6th of May.... I want to tell you that Thorogold has been a wonderful place and I have really enjoyed myself. Thank you for everything and I will be keeping in contact.

Thanks for everything!  I have missed Sadie terribly but knowing that she  has been in such good hands has made the separation more bearable.  I  frequently go to your web site to spy on her, how convenient that her stall  now is right under a camera....
"OK, what is it about this place.....? "  "Why with all these ponds and horses, do you have so few flies and mosquitoes?" 
Dan Thompson 3-Star Parelli Instructor from Montana
My answer to this question.is,:  "cleanliness (we clean every single day including the runs and corrals, pasture rotating and dragging, fish in water troughs, fly predators, mosquito dunks, and composting).  These are all very NATURAL solutions to healthier and more sanitary conditions for the horses and their humans.  (Janice)

"You deserve a MEDAL ......the horses feet at Thorogold are incredible."  "They are extremely healthy and so hard....they appear more natural and like that of a wild horses' feet"
Don Dudley, Farrier