Composted Horse Manure

We Call It "Prima-Poo"

"Prima-Poo"is horse manure composted with stall bedding.  The high nitrogen content of the horse manure is seasoned with the high carbon content of the bedding. Composted horse manure is less "hot", will not burn young plant starts, is nearly weed free, since the temperature inside the pile while composting kills the seeds.   It is an excellent soil enhancement, helping to break up heavy clay soils of the Palouse. There is very little odor to composted manure.  There is no human waste in our compost.  Other commercial compost made locally may contain the sludge from the local sewage treatment plants.

We test our compost by growing seedlings in the compost according to directions from the UI Master Gardner program, rather than having it assayed for chemicals.  Assaying for chemicals is expensive, since a test has to be done on each suspected chemical.  You basically have to know what is in the compost to look for it.  We know the source of raw material for our compost.  We buy hay from growers that do not use any residual herbicide.

You may pick up "Prima-Poo" from the stable either (we load) or we can deliver in our dump trailer.  We can usually deliver up to 5 yd per trip depending onthe moisture content.  A full size pickup holds about  2 1/2 yd3 .  A compact pickup will cary about 1-1/2 yd.

We sell it by the cubic yard (yd3) as follows:

Please call (208) 882-4075 for an appointment to either load, or arrange delivery.  Saturdays and Sundays are usually OK--why not? The horses need care every day anyway! <>


Other area composters have had problems with clopyralid.  Clopyralid is supposed to be harmless to humans, animals and most plants  (according to the company), but may harm tomato and pea growth.  If you want more information about Clopyralid please see this link: Clopyralid Info